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General questions about our lunch program can be directed to the Hot Lunch Logistics Coordinator Krista Mahlberg.

Lunch volunteer questions should be directed to Rebekah Evans

MealTime FAQs

Wagner's MealTime Accounts Closing

As of the end of the 2021-2022 school year, Wagner Ranch will begin the process of zero'ing out all of the MealTime balances through payment of negative balances, refund requests or as a donation to the Wagner Ranch Parents Club. 

This may result in you receiving a notification of a low balance but please ignore those notifications.  

As of June 30th, 2022, MealTime will no longer be able to accept payments for the Wagner Lunch program but you will still have access to your child's account for historical purposes.  Records of the balance will also be maintained externally to the best of our ability.

Why is this action occuring? Due to the transition to the California Universal Meals program, the District has asked us (as of early May) to shut down our current MyMealTime system as of the end of the school year. The district's contracted lunch vendor will use their chosen system.  

See the Hot Lunch Program page for more information regarding the 2022-2023 plans and the end of school year processes.


mealtime online

***Once you have a MealTime account set up it is highly recommended to use the My MealTime app which enables easy balance status update and deposits*** For any questions regarding your current balance please contact Krista Mahlberg the Wagner Ranch Hot Lunch Logistics Coordinator at

What is MealTime?

MealTime is a Point of Sale (POS) system that can be used to purchase lunch. This system is installed in thousands of schools across the country and allows:

  • Parents to make online prepaid deposits into their student's MealTime Account.
  • Students to make daily menu purchases at the Raccoon's Den simply by swiping their student ID card.
  • Raccoon's Den volunteers to record student food selections on a POS terminal. The charge is automatically deducted from the student's account.
  • Parents to view their transaction history online - payments, current balance and student purchases.
  • Sodexo management to monitor sales and inventory for effective menu planning.

How do I create a hot lunch account for my child?

Prior to your child purchasing food through MealTime, you must first access MyMealTime and follow the online instructions for setting up an account and adding money.

*** NOTE: New families may need to wait a few days to have a mealtime account set up. At the start of the school year accounts are not set up until the evening of the day before school (aka Jumpstart). Children are able to order lunch even if their MealTime account is not fully enabled and deposited with funds. ***

Step 1: Create a MealTime Online Parent Account. 
Click on the "Create new profile" link and enter a username and password that you will use to login to MealTime Online. The username and password must be at least 6 characters. For example, Username: jsmith Password: pty845. Please remember these, we do not have access to them.

When selecting the school, click on Orinda Union, then Wagner Ranch Elementary.

When you are setting up your account information, please be sure to check the Low Balance Notification box under the Email section. Please note that you may receive an email soon after making a credit card deposit that you have a low balance. This is because the online deposit is not processed until 2am.

MealTime Reminder

Step 2: Add your Student. 
Click on "Meal Account Deposits" then click the "Add New Student" link. Add your student by entering their first name and student ID number. Be sure to enter their name as they are registered at school. This system will not accept a nickname or shortened name. If you have more than one child attending Wagner Ranch, you need to create a separate account for each child. You will be receiving an email informing you of your child's student ID number. If you do not receive that email by Jumpstart, you can find your child's student ID number on their manila envelopes.

Step 3: Make a Deposit.
To deposit money into your MealTime family account, click on the "Make Deposit" link. MealTime accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Please make a minimum deposit of $25. A 4.9% service charge will be added to your deposit. You can check your account status by clicking on the "View Details" link next to your student's name to view their cafeteria account balance and purchase history.

If you have more than one child at the school, be sure to deposit funds into each of their accounts.

Once the account is activated, students will be able to purchase lunch and parents will be able to view those purchases online. You will receive an email notifying you when the account balance drops below $10 (or another customized amount).

Note: Online deposits are processed each night at 2:00 a.m. and will be automatically reflected in your student's account at that time.

How do I add money to my hot lunch account?

Using a credit card, deposit money online at Money received is credited instantly. This can also be completed both on line and in the My MealTime app.

Please note a 4.9% credit card processing fee will be charged by the MealTime vendor. For example, if you deposit $100, you will be charged $104.90. This rate is non-negotiable and covers MealTime's costs. 

Why can I not set up eChecks on the MealTime site?

We have requested that MealTime enable this but it is not yet available for Wagner's use. When that changes we will inform everyone.

Can I set up recurring deposits?

There is functionality to set up an automated recurring deposit. However there is not functionality to request a charge once the balance falls to a certain level.

How will my child buy lunch using the hot lunch account?

A bar coded picture card will be issued to all students as identification for the system. Students use their card to access their account when paying for meals in the cafeteria. The electronic card is kept in the cafeteria to reduce lost and forgotten cards. Cards are checked at the door by parent volunteers and our kitchen staff to ensure that the picture on the card and the student match.

Please note: if you choose not to allow your child to buy hot lunch, you may contact us and we will pull your child’s card. Please do not pull your own child’s card, we keep them for record keeping. 

How can I check my child’s account balance or receive notification when their account is at a low balance?

You can check your child’s account balance by logging in to your family account at You can also set up automatic email notifications when your child’s balance reaches a low balance. To set up automatic notifications, log in to your account, click on “Profile”, and scroll down to the section titled “Email”. In this section, you can check the box to receive low balance notifications and set your own low balance amount. 

What is a Negative Balance?

A negative balance is a below zero balance. It is very cumbersome for our great, hot lunch volunteers when  balances go negative. Please help us by not allowing your account to go into a negative balance. The system will automatically generate an email informing you that it's time to make a deposit when your account balance drops below $10.  Anyone with a negative balance will receive a notification via email, phone and/or the Friday Folder until the negative balance is corrected.

What can you do if you have money remaining in your account at the end of the year?

If your child is returning to Wagner Ranch, your balance simply rolls over to the next year. If you are leaving the school, you have three options: (1) You can donate your balance to a friend, a teacher or staff member of Wagner Ranch, or to the Hot Lunch fund, (2) you can transfer the balance to another family member, or (3) you can request a refund. As of 2021-2022, OIS is no longer offering the option for students going to OIS you can have your funds transferred for OIS with your student (note for this option you will need to re-set up you child in mealtime as a student of OIS). 

How do I see what food items my child is ordering?

You can view online if your child has ordered one of the standard hot lunch options for the day or one of the other options like Salad Only or Extras. Go to MyMealTime, and sign in. The next page that appears lists "Students in Household". Click on "View Details" and scroll down to "MealTime Cafeteria Transactions" where their purchases are displayed.


What happens if someone uses my child's student ID, intentionally or accidentally, and their charges appear on my account?

The student's name and picture appears on the terminal when he or she swipes his or her student ID card. Lunch volunteers are trained to check this before entering the order. We do inform the students that using someone else's number is illegal. However, if this does occur please contact the lunch program at so that your child's account can be credited and the issue can be corrected.


Can my child buy food with cash?
On an exception basis, cash can be accepted by the front office but this does add a burden to the school so we kindly ask that you use MealTime as the primary source of payment.

Can I use the "My MealTime" App ?

As of July 2018, "My MealTime" has both iOS and Android apps available for download via the associated app store. This enables you to access "My MealTime" for account set up, payments, etc. the same way you would on a computer.  It can also prompt you when a balance is low or negative so when you are standing in line or waiting on something you can quickly add funds from anywhere.