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Kathy Casey, Director
Ph: (925) 258-6435

Bandit Behavior Policy

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The following is a list of rules of behavior that every student must be able to understand and follow in order to attend Bandit Club:

  • There is “zero tolerance” for Bad Language.  If a supervisor hears a student using inappropriate language he/she will be sent to the Director in charge. If use of bad language continues after a reprimand, parents will be called to pick up the student and a suspension may be given.
  • Students must treat all adult supervisors with respect and respond immediately to their directions. If there is a disagreement about a “game call” or direction a student must respectfully address the supervisor without yelling.
  • Students must treat other students with respect and kindness.  No teasing, name calling or excluding from games is allowed.   Good sportsmanship and honesty are expected from all students.  Any disagreement needs to be brought to the attention of the supervisor.  No inappropriate physical contact is allowed and any threat to the safety of another student will be taken seriously and dealt with immediately.
  • Students must be able to use the bathrooms without adult supervision. Bathrooms are not clubhouses or playrooms and anyone found playing with water or paper or urinating on floor will be sent to Director.
  • Students must follow the basic school rules of safety. The rules of Wagner Ranch School followed during the school day are also in force during Bandit Club hours.
    • No climbing fences
    • Must stay within Bandit Club boundaries at all times. This includes the playground and blacktop area.
    • May not go to classroom, library, office, etc. without permission pass from Bandit Club staff
    • Phone is to be used only in an emergency - No making plans or asking permission for play dates
    • Must be able to play in a group independently and cooperatively under the standard supervision provided by staff which is 1:15 ratio
  • Students must report to Bandit Club when they are dismissed from school.  If going to Enrichment Class, the student must sign in to Bandit Club and will be picked up by Enrichment Teacher at class time.  A student must not remain in a classroom without notification by the teacher to the Bandit Club and should not remain with friends at carpool.
  • Toys, games, sports equipment and computers are provided for the enjoyment of all students at Bandit Club.  Students should treat them with care and return them to the proper place when they are finished with them.  Students must be respectful of others' belongings.  Anyone found in the backpack area touching others' possessions will be brought to the Director.

Do not take “inside” toys outside

Do not take Bandit Club toys home

Do not bring toys from home to Bandit Club

  • It is the goal of the Directors and Staff of the Bandit Club to provide a safe, happy, and comfortable place to spend time with other students and participate in activities that are  both fun and stimulating.  We want both parents and students to be comfortable with the environment at Bandit Club and for it to remain a positive experience.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and ask that you contact us if you have any questions.