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Bandit Club is open from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM on school days.


Kathy Casey                        Director
Ph: (925) 258-6435                              

Welcome to Bandit Club


bandit signBandit Club provides a safe, fun, and enriching child care program for our students. We are dedicated to providing a program where safety always comes first and activities and events are fun and challenging. We strive for the appropriate balance between structure and choice. 

Bandit Club offers a warm and caring environment with opportunities to participate in a wide variety of fun, age-appropriate activities.


Our teacher student ratio is maintained at approximately one teacher per ten students during T-K/kindergarten times and approximately one teacher per 17 students during morning and after school times.

Kathy Casey is the Site Director, it is her first year. She has been working in before and after school programs with elementary aged students for 12 years in Contra Costa County. Evett Guevara is the Assistant Director, she is also joining us this year with 10 years of experience in after school programing.  


Please remember that all students who stay on campus for Enrichment, Spanish or the FREE Homework Club must first check into Bandit Club. Enrichment and Spanish teachers pick up children from Bandit Club and return them after classes. Families are not charged by Bandit for the time spent in classes. Thank you for understanding that we want all of our students to be safe and accounted for at all times while on campus!