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Character Education

Since we began in 1997, "Respect Rules the Ranch" has been the theme of Wagner Ranch where we grow and learn together. The principles of BEST ATTITUDE, BEST BEHAVIOR, AND BEST WORK are expectations for everyone at the Ranch. We have developed an approach that emphasizes a positive school climate and teaches and models life skills for students. Over the course of the year we focus on the following life skills: RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, POSITIVE ATTITUDE, SELF DISCIPLINE, AND HONESTY.

Developing kids with character, compassion and self esteem is a vital component of our school community. Wagner Ranch school has a strategic focus on Character Education. Each year our School Climate Committee, composed of parents and teachers, develops classroom and schoolwide activities that address life skills in this area. Some of these activities include classroom curriculum, signage around the campus, Big/Little Buddy Class activities, Service Learning opportunities for 4th/5th Graders, Special Assemblies, and Parent Education.

For more information, please see our Think First program.