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General questions about our lunch program can be directed to the Hot Lunch Logistics Coordinator Krista Mahlberg.

hot lunch survey results

For general reference about the program you are welcome to view the 2015-2016 Hot Lunch Survey Results.

Hot Lunch Program


In the 2022-2023 school year, the lunch program will transition to the California Universal Meals program. You can find more information on that program here and Orinda School District will send information soon/ before the 2022-2023 school year. There is also a little more information below.  As a result of this change, there are a few actions for all parents of the school depending on if you have a positive or negative balance.

Check your child's lunch balance. If you are not sure what your child's balance is please check your MyMealTime account here.  As part of the close out process, accounts will be zeroed out once they are resolved including slated for a refund or donation.  This may result in a low balance warning which you can please ignore. 

As of June 30th, 2022, MealTime will no longer be able to accept payments for the Wagner Lunch program but you will still have access to your child's account for historical purposes.  Records of the balance will also be maintained externally to the best of our ability.

What to do your child has a positive lunch balance? Decide if you want to donate or request a refund for remaining balance at the end of the school year.

If you know that you would like your balance refunded please complete the linked Refund Request Form by Friday June 3rd, 2022. The refund process is manual and will require our Treasurer to prepare a check for each family requesting a refund. You should expect it might take until the end of July to receive any refund in the mail. All donations are greatly appreciated both because they will go to the school's great programs and that will ease the burden on Sarina (our current Treasurer) for the refund process.  

If we have not received a refund request by end of day June 3rd, your balance will be considered a donation and your child's mealtime account will be zeroed out by the end of July (if not earlier).  We will keep record of all transactions.

What if my child's account is negative? We ask that you true that up the account before the end of the school year. Any negative balances will come directly out of the WRPC funds.  There are a couple of things to note about negative balances.

  • If, as of the end of the school year, the balance is negative you will receive emails or a call from me and/or the school to discuss payment options.
  • MyMealTime will not take credit card payment of less than $20.  If you are trying to pay up a balance that is less than -$20 you can write a check to WRPC.  Please get that to the office by June 3rd.

Why are these our end of year actions this year? Due to the transition to the California Universal Meals program, the District has asked us (as of early May) to shut down our current MyMealTime system as of the end of the school year. The district's contracted lunch vendor will use their chosen system.

More on the new lunch program: The short answer is that as of May 2022 we do not know fully what the lunch program will look like next year other than what is on the State's California Meal Program website. What we know is that it will be run by a 3rd Party Vendor contracted with the Orinda School District and that vendor will have and manage their own meal tracking system. The district has not yet completed the vendor selection so we do not yet know if Chefs Basil and Madonna will be returning or not. We anticipate parent volunteers will still be needed but that is not confirmed. Since lunch will be free we will not be giving out vouchers.

Other stuff ... A huge thank you to everyone that has supported the lunch program over the years either as a volunteer or by enabling your children to use it. Through my 7 years of being involved with this program I have personally loved having the opportunity to get to know so many kids, parents and staff. I will forever be grateful for the experience and partnership.

If there are questions about our current program or the end of year lunch actions please email me (Krista Mahlberg) at I will do my best to keep monitoring this email over the summer and into the 2022-2023 school year.  You can also always contact Debbie Wong in the Wagner front office.

Krista Mahlberg

Hot Lunch Logistics Coordinator  

Lunch Service Overview

chicken wrap and salad***COVID UPDATE***: As with many things we have had to make changes to our lunch program due to the COVID pandemic. Our protocols change often in response to health situations and local requirements. 

  • Small disposable drinking cups will be provided at the drinking fountain (which has a water bottle dispenser) in case kids forget to bring in their water bottle (the portion of the fountain where kids can drink directly from it is disabled and wrapped up)
  • To limit spills and maximize time to eat, kids that order lunch from school will dine in the Raccoon's Den/ MPR while those that bring lunch from home will dine outside or in classrooms when "weather" (e.g., smoke, rain, etc.) is a factor
  • All volunteers regardless of vaccination status must adhere to current state, county and/or district mask guidelines while in the Raccoon's Den/ MPR*. If you are unclear on those guidelines please ask the front office.




The Wagner Ranch's Hot Lunch Program is a parent-lead program that in partnership with Sodexo aims to provide healthy, fresh and delicious lunches. As with many parent lead programs, the Hot Lunch Program keeps costs low by asking all families that use hot lunch to strive to volunteer at least twice per year in the Raccoon's Den. Please go to the Hot Lunch Volunteering page to learn more about volunteering and to sign up.

chef cutting pizzaChef Basil and Chef Madonna cook on-site in the Wagner Ranch kitchen, offering high quality and tasty meals. Sodexo has partnered with vendors that purchase from local farmers to provide fresh, local, seasonal, and, if available, organic produce and meats. Your child's meal will include not only a hot entree and milk, but also a visit to the salad/ variety bar that includes fresh fruits, vegetables, yogurt, cheese, lettuce, dressings, and other healthy options. Gluten free options are frequently offered and can be made available everyday upon request.


Here is what you need to know:

We are not accepting checks as a standard form of payment for meals. Please make payments via MealTime with a credit or debit card (MealTime has yet to enable eChecks). See below for information on MealTime.


  • Lunch Start Date: Lunch service will begin on the first day of school
  • Prices: Each standard lunch comes with a portioned (hot) entree, salad /variety bar, and milk for $5.75.
    * On Wednesday's pasta day, there is an option for a double size portion of pasta for $7.00
    * On Thursday's pizza day, there is an option for two slices of pizza for $7.00
    * Salad/ Variety Bar only option - $4.00 - includes trip to salad/variety bar and milk  
    * Milk only option - $1.00 - selection of either white or chocolate milk
  • Salad/ Variety bar includes such items as potato bar, salad bar, taco bar, fruit, yogurt, cheese sticks, etc. 
  • Both white and chocolate milk are available
  • Please discuss with your child what they are allowed to eat in the Raccoon's Den. For many children an extra portion may be too much.
  • Water: A water station is available in the lunch area to use to fill personal water bottles. Each child should bring their own labeled bottle. Bottled water is not provided.
  • In an effort to be as green as possible, straws are no longer provided. Aids will help any kids that need help opening milk and learning to drink from the small carton.
  • chicken caesar wrap labelMonthly Menus: A menu for the month is available on the Wagner Ranch website.
  • YAY! NO preordering. As long as you have set up a MealTime account for your child and deposited funds, s/he can buy a lunch any day of the week. Even if you have not set up an account and you have an unexpected need to use the program, your child will still be able to order a lunch but we ask that you promptly submit payment via MealTime.
  • How to Purchase: WRPC has partnered with the MealTime Point of Sale (POS) System. Students are able to purchase Daily Menu items with a pre-paid debit account by swiping their student ID card (which remains at school). To learn more about setting up your child's MealTime account, click here. To set up your student’s account, go to MealTime POS System.

    • MealTime accounts and deposits cannot be set up until you receive your child's student ID number (it will come via email and/or in your child's Jumpstart manila envelope).

    • Tip: Consider posting extra funds based on how often your child will be eating hot lunch. At the end of the year, funds will roll over to the next year, can be returned or donated to Wagner Ranch (for fifth graders as of 2021-2022 OIS is not accepting fund transfers so the only options are those above or transfer to another sibling).

    • MealTime has yet to enable eChecks as a form of payment for Wagner. But you can use the "My MealTime" has both iOS and Android app available for download via the associated app store. This enables you to access "My MealTime" for account set up, payments, etc. the same way you would on a computer but you can do this on the go right when the low balance notification pops up.

    • Low balance notifications can be enabled via MealTime. You will also be sent a paper notice via the Friday Folder of any low ($10 or less) or negative balance. Please pay all negative balances promptly as sending these is a burden to volunteers and the aid that full the Friday Folders.

    • On line deposits can take 1-2 school days to synchronize with Wagner's lunch computer and update the child's on line balance. If after 2 school days you still do not see the balance updated with your payment please contact the Hot Lunch Logistics Coordinator (see below).

    • New families may need to wait a few days to have a mealtime account set up. At the start of the school year accounts are not set up until the evening of the day before school (aka Jumpstart). Children are able to order lunch even if their MealTime account is not fully enabled and deposited with funds.

  • Girl holding lunchLunch Process: At lunch time, each child will pick up their lunch/ MealTime card from card holders in the Multi Purpose Room (MPR), check in with the parent volunteer who will collect their MealTime card. S/he will then proceed through the lunch line, picking up their hot entree and/or salad bar and milk. Upon exiting the kitchen area, s/he will go through the variety bar and make their selections.

fruits in cafeteria traysChef Basil, Chef Madonna and the WRPC are looking forward to providing our children with healthy and tasty meal experiences during the school year.