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Library Staff
Contact Barbara Weikert  Barbara Weikert (925) 258-6409 Staff
Library Hours

During the school year and when school is in session:

Monday - Wednesday
8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Library Catalog

Wondering what wonderful books are in our Wagner Ranch library? Check our online catalog to find out! 

Welcome to the Library

About the library

We are very fortunate to have a large, well-organized library. We have over 15,500 books, DVDs and videos, as well as five student computers with Internet access and a large screen monitor.

During the school year, all students visit the library weekly with their classroom teacher for reading programs and checking out books. The library is open Monday through Wednesday throughout the day and during most recesses for small group and individual activities. Parents are also able to visit and check out material.

Library technician

Barbara Weikert is the Library Technician. She administers and maintains the library and its collection, as well as assists teachers and students with materials.

She reads to every class and assists students with checking in and out materials. She oversees the circulation desk and the re-shelving of books. Ms. Weikert curates new books for the easy, fiction, and nonfiction collections. The inventory is periodically weeded to keep the collections fresh and relevant. Additionally, Ms. Weikert helps teachers and parents with their library needs, and attends to administrative functions such as overdue book notifications.

Library Volunteers

Library volunteers are always welcome!  Please join us in the library as your schedule permits. You can volunteer on a weekly or monthly basis -- whatever works for your schedule.

Once the school year begins, we will link to our online sign-up form here. You can learn more about volunteering by contacting our Library Volunteer Coordinator Jane Cai.

Training will be provided. All classes visit the library every week for 30 minutes. Volunteer duties include book circulation, assisting the children with book selection, shelving, and various projects. There are other volunteer opportunities as well, such as our annual book fair.