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Principal's Message

JimManheimerI am honored and proud to be entering my second year as the principal here at Wagner Ranch.

Last year brought much success to Wagner Ranch. At the beginning of the year we were greeted by excellent results from the first official CAASPP Testing. Shortly thereafter we were awarded a Gold Ribbon award based on the strength of our Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop programs. Early in the year we were granted a portion of the Wagner Ranch Nature Area for our very own and watched with awe as Garden Aide, Lilana Spindler, and others created a magnificent learning space and wonderful programs and activities to engage our students.

Through the hard work and ingenuity of a dedicated group of parents and teachers, we created a school wide maker faire and engaged all students in “An Hour of Code.”  The generous support of our parent community enabled us to purchase over 70 computers providing a 1:1 ratio in grades 3 - 5 and paved the way for the purchase of a great many ipads for our primary classrooms. We also purchased and installed shade structures on both playgrounds, added a PE shed, and provided fresh, cold drinking water in the cafeteria with our state of the art “filling station”. Over the summer, district initiatives brought cooling systems to every classroom as well as the installation of solar panels to mitigate our carbon footprint and save money!

In the spring we went through an extensive process to create a vision and actual plans for a greatly expanded, and improved kindergarten playground. This is currently under construction and will be ready for students later this fall.

This year we will continue our focus on providing an ever stronger, more comprehensive instructional program. Implementing new Units of Study in Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop, integrating our new math textbook with the state of the art practices that teachers created over the past few years, and diving full-on into content and methodologies that are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards make up much of the curricular work that we will be doing this year.  Teachers are continuing to learn and implement best methods for using technology to support student achievement. This effort will be enhanced with the addition of numerous computers for students in grades TK - 2.  Last year we made great strides with bringing greater prominence to our Think First, Second Step, and other character education programs. This year we will continue this work. Our School Climate Survey led us to believe that our parent community would like to be more informed about our curriculum and teaching techniques. To this end, we plan to host a number of parent education nights.

We pride ourselves on providing all of our students with a challenging, stimulating educational program in a supportive, inclusive environment. As our motto states “Wagner Ranch is a place for everyone.”

Warm regards,
Jim Manheimer, Principal